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Association Management Solutions is able to provide full-time management and administrative services in the following areas:

Membership Services

  • Provide a quick response to member inquiries

  • Maintain current membership list with complete contact information and publishing the annual directory of members, timely renewal notices and follow-up

  • Identify and seek out potential new members, including the development of marketing materials and presentation


  • Publish organization's materials, including Newsletters

  • Weekly or daily legislative reports, as needed

  • Annual Membership Directory

  • Training materials and manuals as needed

  • Calendar of events of interest to members

  • Annual Reports


  • Registered lobbyist and attends legislative sessions, hearings including giving scitreasurevalley.orgimony

  • Education, presentations, marketing capabilities

Board Support

  • Provide all administrative requirements for the President and Board of Directors such as minute keeping, budget preparation, performing tasks as assigned

  • Liaison with and maintain coalitions with other related organizations, including attendance at their gatherings

  • Foster and coordinate regular board meetings, professional training events and the annual conferences

Meeting Planning

  • Plan all meeting and events of the association, including board meetings, special meetings, annual meeting and social events

Office Support

  • Maintain a permanent, centrally located headquarters & communication center (including e-mail, fax and homepage development capabilities) for quick response to members' inquiries, with full time office hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Provide comprehensive records management and financial services including budgeting, monthly statements and revenue identification, tax responsibilities

Website Design & Maintenance

  • Website design, domain names, and hosting services

  • Ongoing website maintenance and support

  • Website Services by Tammie Harvey/BojeeZmo Website Design & Maintenance
    Phone: 925-997-6737

Association Management Solutions can discuss other needs that the client might have as well. This contractual agreement would be for services and would not entail employment.